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Discover the new Advanced Genifique Serum formula, derived from the science of the microbiome.

We now know more about what makes skin look healthy and beautiful. Our skin lives in harmony with a community of billions of beneficial microorganisms called the skin microbiome. When the skin microbiome is strong and balanced, the skin is better able to defend itself against external aggressions, recover and repair itself.

After 20 years of advanced research, the new Advanced Genifique acts on the skin microbiome thanks to its enriched formula. A complex of fraction of 7 pre- and probiotics have been selected and purified for a perfect compatibility with the skin. This new formula reinforces the fundamental functions of the skin’s youthfulness: recovery and defence against external aggressions.
– From 7 days, the first results are visible: the skin appears more luminous and smoother.
– After just one bottle, the skin recovers faster. Fine lines are reduced, the skin is more radiant, plumped up and visibly younger.

Advanced Génifique, which acts on the cutaneous microbiome, is made for all women, regardless of their age or skin type. It is the first beauty gesture by Lancôme.
– Tested under dermatological control.

It is proven that Advanced Génifique acts on the cutaneous microbiome, which is essential to the skin’s resilience and its ability to recover.
From 7 days, the first results are visible and skin is visibly brighter and smoother. After just 1 bottle, the skin recovers faster and looks visibly rejuvenated:
+57% smoother skin*
+52% sparkle*
+48% firmness*

Its texture is fluid, light and quickly penetrates the skin.

*Clinical evaluation after 8 weeks, 34 women.

The Advanced Génifique face serum :
– Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
– Skin’s tone and texture regains radiance, luminosity, firmness and uniformity.
– Skin recovers faster.

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