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Idôle is the new fragrance for women who want to live their dreams big. This new fragrance embodies a new model of conquering femininity. Bold, inspiring, tomorrow’s leaders, nothing is impossible for them. An invitation to become their own idol and open the way for others.

The Fragrance:
Idol breaks with the established codes of perfume, blowing out a new spirit.
Discover this addiction of the future: a clean and luminous fragrance: :
– The rose, at the center of this fragrance, has been reinterpreted in a very contemporary, luminous and natural way.
– Jasmine, one of the most immaculate and delicate flowers in perfumery brings radiance and sensuality.
– The white chypre accord brings Idôle an exceptional nude and second-skin sensation thanks to a very contemporary combination of musks.
Three women perfumers from three continents have joined forces to create this unique fragrance of rose, jasmine and chypre. Together, they have created a universal fragrance.

The Bottle :
A refillable bottle with a dynamic and daring silhouette, encircled in gold, in homage to the will and determination of women.
Like a crystal screen, pure and luminous, where you can write your dreams in large letters. Designed like a crystal screen, pure and luminous, where you can write your dreams big.
Futuristic, Idôle is without a doubt the world’s finest fragrance.

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