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Phyto-Hydra Teint, the new generation of tinted skincare, the effectiveness of a daily skincare product, with an extra veil of colour thanks to its all-in-one formula.

A daily skincare performance thanks to the “Beauty Booster” complex:

– Hydration: White Lily extract moisturises and brings comfort to the skin
– Perfection: a fruity cocktail of plant extracts with energising, astringent and smoothing properties refines the skin’s texture for a smooth skin
– Protection: a mineral screen provides SPF 15 sun protection. It is associated with buckwheat seed extract which protects the skin from pollution.

The freshness of a natural make-up thanks to the “Healthy Skin” cocktail which unifies, corrects and illuminates in a single step.
The fresh, gliding and very light texture fuses with the skin for a very natural perfecting result, with a bare skin effect.
A range of 3 shades to embellish the lightest to golden complexions.

The skin is immediately moisturised, the complexion is evened out and corrected for an instant healthy glow.

Day after day, the skin texture is refined and the complexion’s radiance is boosted. The skin is protected from UV rays and pollution on a daily basis.

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